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 Code Testing

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Status : Too tired for all of this.

PostSubject: Code Testing   Fri Jun 01, 2018 10:54 am

Prénom Nome

« Une toute petite citation »

Hello, mon nom c'est Mushu et je suis la mascotte l'esprit animal de la famille Fa. En gros je suis un peu pauvre parce qu'on m'oblige à m'occuper des vieux esprits de la famille Fa et c'est hyper chiant. Sinon je suis vraiment très vieux, mais genre, super vieux. Et j'adore les pancakes, Mulan et les blagues pas drôles et je déteste ce satané Cricket, les Huns et le faite que je sois si petit.
Sinon j'ai comme signe particulier le faite que je sois un dragon orange et très petit. Mon plus grand sscret ne vous regarde pas!

Ici la description physique.

Ici la description du caractère

Ici l'history

Ici les info joueurs

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Status : Too tired for all of this.

PostSubject: Re: Code Testing   Fri Jun 01, 2018 4:49 pm

stay with me please.
Pommy ipsum fried toast blimey cockney old girl, pikey Shakespeare shepherd's pie fancied a flutter off t'shop, Geordie bread and butter pudding I could reet fancy a golly. You 'avin a laugh darling nicked grab a jumper, skive a bottle of plonk.Have a kip don't get your knickers in a twist cockney jolly good pikey, chippy double dutch. 'ar kid one off down the village green beefeater ey up by 'eck love easy peasy queer as a clockwork orange, gravy cheese and chips upper class shortbread.

Prince Charles ever so lovely by 'eck love. Knackered is she 'avin a laugh bangers and mash chippy made a pig's ear of it, utter shambles bossy britches red telephone box ridicule Geordie, baffled pennyboy oo ecky thump. Scally crumpets sweetfanny adams manky posh nosh you 'avin a laugh bottled it, football one would like chaps muck about ended up brown bread a bit miffed bobby, blimey wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff daft cow beefeater mush.

A fiver ey up chuck and thus golly 10 pencemix nosh it's the bees knees crisps pulled out the eating irons guinness cup of tea unhand me sir, beefeater pants narky Northeners jolly cobbles smeg head tad hadn't done it in donkey's years. Fake tan snotty nosed brat have a gander goggledegookmanky whizz fish fingers and custard, bog roll it's the dogs bollocks dignified loo have a gander, getting on my wick fancied a flutter on the pull yorkshire mixture round our gaff.

Pommy ipsum a tad one would like argy-bargy Union Jack, grab a jumper apple and pears baffled absobloodylootely. Jellied eels bloke tosser nuthouse working class lost the plot know your onions, slap-head gravy cheese and chips a bottle of plonk guinness that's ace Moriarty, a week on Sunday gosh beefeater make a brew slap-head. I could reet fancy a alright duck chips biscuits blimey houlligan fake tan, bit of alright scatterbrained doofer up at the crack of dawn. 'ar kid pie-eyed put me soaps back on stupendous flabbergasted I'm off to Bedfordshire it's the bees knees, put me soaps back on black pudding is she 'avin a laugh every fortnight.

0000 / 0000 WORDS, @TAGGED




Spell Name (0/0 duration):
Spell Name (0/0 duration):

Spell Name (0/0 cooldown):
Spell Name (0/0 cooldown):

Item Name:
Item Name:

Ability Name:
Ability Name:

Any other notes, such as monsters killed/rolled or specific important information about a spell can be put in here.

guild name {} x-rank
AGE {} 00
GENDER {} undefined
SEXUALITY {} gay as hek
MORAL ALIGNMENT {} true neutral
SPECIES {} human
RACE {} far eastern
FIGHTING STYLE {} lit as fuck
MOOD {} always bored
ENERGY {} hyper

PERSONALITY {} A brief description of your character's personality. Definitely not the full 500 words of it, but enough to give your partner some background knowledge.

SO YOU THINK YOU'RE PSYCHIC? {} Information that other players are allowed to use their powers to find out about your character, as well as special aspects of them they should probably keep in mind. Any warnings, restrictions, and preferences can be put here as well, I guess.

NOTES {} Like the name suggests, any notes you have can go here.

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Code Testing
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