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 On The Vine Layout

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PostSubject: On The Vine Layout   Sun Jun 03, 2018 2:51 am

Greetings, mage, and welcome to On the Vine. Here, you can request anything you need to decorate and embellish your posts and profile, from signatures and avatars to templates and titles. Whatever you wish is my command.

Please feel free to browse through the tabs for a deeper understanding of what I can provide you, as well as the price of each. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!
All graphics are created with art, brushes, effects, textures, etc created by others on the internet. I do not personally make anything on any of my gfx - I only arrange and add effects to different aspects of these ingredients to create a finished product. I do not claim any art or other parts of the gfx I make, and any artists are free to let me know if they would like their art or resources to be removed. As for templates, all coding is done by myself, from tutorials on Proboards resource sites, w3schools, and various other coding help sites. The code is done through a combination of HTML, CSS, and bbcode, as all three can be used in Forumotion posts.

A fair warning to all customers - I often use Microsoft fonts in my templates. This means that devices with OS such as Android will not be able to see the correct font without Microsoft fonts installed. Please let me know if you would like a specific font that fits your device. In addition, some transitions and effects may not work on all browsers. I test my codes in Google Chrome, so please let me know if you would like adjustments to fit.

As is stated in the topic title, members who have been on the site as a whole for less than a month get free gfx and coding! However, if you are returning to the site, or are on a new alt account, you will not receive this discount. Members of Fairy Tail and Basilisk Fang will receive a 50% discount on all requests as well. This will only apply to things made for your characters that are in those particular guilds, and not any alts or main accounts outside of them.

As an important note, I am often extremely uninspired to create pretty things when the face claim involved is not a cute anime girl. In other words, be prepared for low quality if your face claim is not cute, anime, and at least looks like a girl ;D

2/9/18 - The shop is now open!
3/20/18 - We now sell custom templates! This is still in a sort of beta mode, though.
4/4/18 - The custom template price has been raised to 6k. This is because they're a lot harder to design than I had estimated -w-
4/8/18 - To fit the new custom template price, the big deal wow has been edited slightly as well.
5/12/18 - Basilisk Fang members will now be given a discount as well! =D
Avatars are the pictures above your username when you make a post on the forum! They can be changed by clicking the Profile link in the navigation bar, then clicking on the Avatar tab. Please put the link provided into the off-site link area, or it may not work or show up correctly. While this can be personalized however you want, I typically make a rectangular avatar of 200x335 px, whether with rounded or sharp edges. That means that unless you specify otherwise, I will be creating an avatar according to that default. Avatars will usually contain a picture of your character (face claim), as well as a border, some effects, and if you wish, the character's name. Feel free to ask for any sort of avatar in the Specifics section of the form provided. You can choose to rotate avatars with Grumpy Bumpers.

AVATAR PRICING: 2k/6 avatars
[b]Name:[/b] (Site username.)
[b]Character Name:[/b] (Do you want it on the avatar or not?)
[b]Face Claim:[/b] (Self-explanatory. If you don't have one, describe it to me and I'll find one for ya~)
[b]Number of Avatars:[/b] (You can get up to 6 for 2k)
[b]Preferred Color(s):[/b] (Any specific colors you want?)
[b]Mood:[/b] (Violent, gruesome, cheerful, epic, etc etc)
[b]Specialties:[/b] (Do you want the color changed on certain parts of the character, or specific fonts/brushes to be used?)
Signatures can be found and edited by clicking the Profile link on the navigation bar, and clicking on the Signature tab. On the site, many people like to put gfx into their signatures to decorate their posts and showcase their character or face claim. These usually consist of a somewhat large image, around 600px in width with your character (face claim), effects, and usually a quote or your character's name. As they are usually more complicated to create than avatars, they do cost more. My default signatures are 200x600 px in size. However, feel free to let me know if you'd like anything else other than the default. Signatures can also be rotated on Grumpy Bumpers.

SIGNATURE PRICING: 6k/1 signature
[b]Name:[/b] (Site username.)
[b]Character Name:[/b] (Do you want it on the signature or not?)
[b]Quote:[/b] (Yea, or nay? If so, please put it here.)
[b]Default:[/b] (Yes or no? Default sigs are the rectangle ones you've probably seen already - I can make other ones as well, but only will if you specify.)
[b]Face Claim:[/b] (Self-explanatory. If you don't have one, describe it to me and I'll find one for ya~)
[b]Preferred Color(s):[/b] (Any specific colors you want?)
[b]Mood:[/b] (Violent, gruesome, cheerful, epic, etc etc.)
[b]Specialties:[/b] (Do you want the color changed on certain parts of the character, or specific fonts/brushes to be used? A specific scheme?)
I am no longer offering template editing. Instead, I'll do it for free! Send me the link to the template you want edited (I have accounts on all the major Proboards resource sites!) as well as what you'd like to be changed, and I'll get right on it. Please note, however, that I will not convert tabbed Proboards template due to how different the code is compared to Forumotion.

Templates are probably my strongest point currently. They are basically codes that you can put into your posts in order to make them look all nice and pretty, allowing you to add colors, decorations, fonts, quotes, notes, stats, and pictures. Essentially, you replace the text in the code to match your own scenario. If you don't know how to do this, I recommend you tinker around with some free templates first to get used to using them before ordering. Forumotion forums have one perk - you can use HTML, CSS, and BBCode inside your posts without plugins! As I hope to take full advantage of this, some of my codes can get very, very advanced - I'll give you a brief guide below.

CSS/Style Tags {} Templates with CSS, known as style tags in the Proboards community allow you to add hover effects and tabs, as well as all sorts of cool tricks that generally make the code a lot cleaner. These will be placed in a giant block of code beneath everything else, starting from <*style type="text/css"> in your template. It is essential that you DO NOT TOUCH THAT CODE! It could result in some wacky things happening if you don't know how to code.

Tabbed Templates {} Templates with tabs, like this one right here use a trick called the Checkbox Hack to create a tab effect with CSS. These use several things, such as labels, inputs, and all sorts of wonky things in order to work. I do not recommend asking for one of these templates if you don't know anything about code, or if you only know the bare minimum. These can get very messy very fast, so please be careful!

TEMPLATE PRICING: 10k/1 template
[b]Custom Template[/b]
[b]Name:[/b] (Site username.)
[b]Character Name:[/b] (Do you want it on the template or not?)
[b]Quote:[/b] (Yea, or nay? If so, please put it here.)
[b]Face Claim:[/b] (Self-explanatory. If you don't have one, describe it to me and I'll find one for ya~)
[b]Preferred Color(s):[/b] (Any specific colors you want?)
[b]Mood:[/b] (Violent, gruesome, cheerful, epic, etc etc.)
[b]Tags/WC/Status/etc:[/b] Do you want them? Do you not want them? Please specify which ones.
[b]Tabbed:[/b] (Yes or no - if so, how many, and what will they be for?)
[b]Scroll:[/b] (Yeah or nah?)
[b]Hover:[/b] (Yes or no?)
[b]Stats Section:[/b] (Yes or no?)
[b]Status:[/b] (Can I put this out as a free template for other people on-site to use? The pictures will be replaced with defaults.)
[b]Specialties:[/b] (Do you need there to be a big image, multiple images? Multiple quotes? A GIF image? Anything e;se not previously mentioned goes here.)
Anything that hasn't been given an official form will be considered an "other". This can include anything from titles and approval stamps to renders and recolors! If you're wondering about whether I can do it or not, please, feel free to ask me either through PM, replying below, or on Discord. I swear I don't bite!

OTHERS PRICING: determined based on request
[b]Name:[/b] (Site username.)
[b]Specifics:[/b] (What is it? Describe, por favor~ We can discuss the price.)

Something else of note is the "Banana Deal", similar to the former "big deal wow". By purchasing a set of avatars, a signature, and template at once, the price will be reduced to a lovely 15k!
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On The Vine Layout
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